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Since 1997, Dr. Keny F. Bastien has held office as the President of Kenor International Corporation, a corporation that he founded with the mission of promoting Health Education and Wellness through compassionate lifestyle coaching.  He has received the degree of Doctorate in Medicine from Sri Lanka Open International University, where he specialized in Functional Medicine and Cognitive Psychology.

 He has also obtained a Master's Degree in Cognitive Psychology from Mons State University (Universite de l'Etat de Mons) for his study of “The Intellectual Processes” and holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Orthomolecular Nutrition from Donsbach University.

Dr. Bastien has practiced, in both Brussels and Paris, as an Alternative Medicine Wellness Consultant and Psycho-Nutritionist. He is not only responsible for having founded the first European University for Alternative Medicine in Europe; but he has also held many conferences, and radio and television programs in Belgium, France, Greece, USA, Holland, and Haiti.  Dr. Bastien has also been noted to have dedicated many lectures and seminars to addressing a variety of topics surrounding Health and Wellness at the European Community Parliament in Brussels.

Dr. Bastien is the author of several books, and particularly including the most delightful and well-received one: "Common Foods with Wonderful Healing Properties.” His science-based approach of the practice of Functional Medicine has lead him to create the first Universite Europeenne des Medecines Alternatives, UEMA (European University for Alternative Medicine, Journal le Moniteur belge, 1988.), and to be assigned with the role as Keynote Speaker of Health Conferences at the Berlaymont in Brussels (Le petit journal, Martine Cabannes, 1990.), during the entirety of 1990 at the European Parliament, Brussels, Belgium.

Bastien has been honored with an award of “BUSINESSMAN OF THE YEAR 2003 FOR THE STATE OF FLORIDA,” by The Wall Street Journal. Since 1997, he has held office as President for Kenor International. This energy has transferred to all dynamics in his life, as he shares and extends his expertise to Freedom Harbor, as a Primary Physician of the Wellness Center, providing optimal health care services and health trainings by way of promoting Health and Wellness through Education.

In future months, Kenor International and Dr. Keny F. Bastien plan to expand brand and mission-oriented objectives to communities around the globe. Peru, itself, has been home to one of the first restaurants dedicated to Health and Wellness through organic foods by Kenor International’s Sacorama chain. Other programs have been undergoing construction in that area, as well. Kenor International also extends its arms in Europe and throughout the Caribbean with a dedicated Health Clinic and annual retreat in St. Lucia, in addition to year-round consultations by phone and in-office visits. Dr. Keny F. Bastien continues giving seminars and lectures, while appearing on panels and for interviews, around the World. 

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Scholarly Works


  • Common Foods With Wonderful Healing Properties (Orlando, 2001.)
  • L'Apocalypse des messages de lumiere (France, 1986.)
  • Harmonizing Your Digestive Functions (Belgium, 1990.)
  • Propositions Pour un Centre de Formation Agricole et Artisanale en Haiti (Belgium, 1981.)

Audio Books

  • Alimentation et Spiritualite (Belgium, 1990.)
  • Nutrition, Love and Sexuality (Orlando, 1997.)
  • Brain and Prayer (Orlando, 1997.)
  • The Ultimate Choice (Orlando, 1997.)
  • Aante et Delivrance Pour Haiti (Orlando, 1999.)

Journal Articles

  • Magic, Sex and Power / Magie, Sexe et Pouvor | Journal du Samedi (Haiti, 1982).
  • Voodoo and Irrationalism / Le Vandou et L'irrationnel | Signs of Times (France, 1983).
  • Appropriate Commentary on the Strength of the Ego According to Hartman | (Belgium, 1981). 
  • The Breath of God  | The United Haitians Home Page (, 2001). 

​​Books in Progress

  • The Biology of Beauty
  • The Ultimate Choice
  • The Brain and Prayer


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  Kenor International provides the Carribean and Central Florida with videos on health and wellness through Youtube. Dr. Keny F. Bastien has been a leader in the field of health and wellness for over 30 years. He provides the world with health through education in restoring the self-healing process in patients around the World! Add him on LinkedIn, today! Kenor International is on Google Plus (Google +). Please connect for information on our Central Florida location in Altamonte Springs, FL. Common Foods with Wonderful Healing Properties isn't the only reason to subscribe to this blog. Stay ahead of the game on the latest from Kenor International through News, Promotions, Specials, Telecasts, Webinars, and so on! Follow Kenor International on Twitter today! Connect with Kenor International by liking us on Facebook! Learn about the latest in self-restoration and curable ailments. Connect with our team today!

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