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May 17th 2016

304 stainless steel - Processing Method

Etching method, the surface of stainless steel is acid-resistant protective film by screen printing, followed by ferrous chloride solution etched to form artistic patterns.

High temperature alloy

Color spray method
Spray color is a method of screen printing injection after the toner particles constituting Lipi-like surface to form artistic patterns.

crafting process
Process stainless steel products, spray color art processing law: stainless steel products → → silk screen printing etching treatment → → → alkali tinting base treatment → → finished.Stainless steel products working method of etching art process are: etching stainless steel products → → → Screen Printing base treatment → → finished coloring.

stainless steel sheet supplier

Stainless steel products, especially stainless steel, the most primitive processing methods is to use a lot of time factory punch punching products. Stamping including straight and stretched in two ways, it is generally softer than 1/2 of the tensile and bending stiffness is higher than 1/2 will be hard, are straight.

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